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$3.5 million: Tender Distribution Point

by Building Markets
June 9, 2008

On 8 January 2008 Peace Dividend Trust opened its Tender Distribution Point (TDP) within its offices in Balide, Dili. For the relevant earlier blog entry see

Information about tenders are currently distributed via four methods.

1) Businesses visit the TDP;
2) PDT emails tenders to businesses;
3) PDT sends SMS notifications to businesses; and
4) PDT uses its presence in the Districts to further disseminate.

As of 1 June 2008 Peace Dividend Trust is pleased to announce that it has
  • distributed approximately 103 tenders
  • to over 850 businesses (many are repeat clients)
  • on behalf of 30 international organisations (including but limited to IOM, UNDP, ARD, USAID, Concern, Plan International, GTZ, Worldbank, ENI Spa, UNHCR, and Oxfam)
The TDP is designed to stimulate business activity in Timor-Leste by
1) acting as a transparent clearing house for tenders
2) accelerating the tendering process
3) and pushing tenders to businesses in Dili and the Districts which would ordinarly not have access to the relevant information

As of the 1 June 2008, PDT has obtained final transaction information on 20 of the above 103 tenders. The transactions have a value of $677 537.47 USD. PDT makes a prorated estimate that the total amount directed towards the Timorese economy could exceed $3 500 000 USD in less than 6 months of activity.
For more information on the TDP please contact Eduardo Da Costa on +670 735 2854 or via +670 332 2823 and [email protected]

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