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A Nimba County Woodshop Wins Clients

by Daniel Togba
May 1, 2014

Ebenezer M. Belleh started his carpentry shop called That’s Jesus Again with three employees in Nimba County in 2012. He began by selling unfinished products, such as timber and round poles then grew to include the sale of furniture. Despite initial success, the company found it challenging to win contracts with major buyers.

Workers at That’s Jesus Again Woodshop

Belleh learned about Building Markets in December 2012 when the organization visited his business on one of its regular trips to the counties. These trips ensure businesses outside of the capital can access Building Markets’ services.

Shortly thereafter, when Building Markets visited Ganta in February 2013 to host a matchmaking event and conduct training courses, That’s Jesus Again participated in both. “What we learned especially from the training is how to prepare bid documents to suit the taste of buyers’ needs,” said Belleh. He applied the knowledge acquired during training and won two contracts from Liberia Teacher Training Program (LTTP) and Save the Children UK.

Additionally, the matchmaking event enabled Belleh to meet buyers he wouldn’t have met otherwise, exchange information and begin establishing business relationships. After meeting representatives of the Ministry of Education at the event, That’s Jesus Again successfully bid on one contract from the Ministry of Education, valued $19,000 for the production of furniture for schools, then won a follow-up contract from the Ministry worth $30,000.

“As a result of Building Markets services the challenges we once had are reduced greatly,” said Belleh. Due to winning these contracts, That’s Jesus Again was able to purchase carpentry equipment and assorted hand tools and hire nine full-time and two part-time employees.

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