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Mahmoud Koubais’ Sustainable Agriculture Business Promotes a Circular Economy

by Eva Morales
أبريل 15, 2022

Mahmoud Koubais established Grand Farms with the goal of generating sustainable development through regenerative agriculture methods. When he arrived in Turkey from Syria, he saw that there was a demand for organically-produced foods from customers of all cultures and backgrounds. He started Grand Farms with the production of free-range eggs, rearing chickens and sheep in the most ecologically sound way, and the cultivation of mushrooms.

As Grand Farms grew, Mahmoud saw an opportunity to add new sustainable projects like livestock grazing, an agricultural method that allows animals to move freely over the land, helping to cycle nutrients back into the soil. This process regenerates the land and reduces the amount of fertilizer needed, resulting in healthier environments as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Another sustainable project Grand Farms has embarked on is a natural cycle of food production with zero waste. In this process, poultry waste is converted into soil to grow mushrooms, which are then used for animal feed. Not only does this process reduce the cost of production, but it also helps regenerate the land and eliminates pollution from chemical fertilizers.

Sustainable practices are considered throughout all production cycles at Grand Farms. For example, the eggs collected are cleaned without the use of hazardous chemicals, reducing pollutants from entering the system, and the packaging used by the company is made from recyclable materials. But Mahmoud’s entrepreneurial spirit does not end there. To further promote healthier lives and a greener economy, he also produces herbal medicines made of natural ingredients such as plants and herb extracts.

Grand Farms aspires to be a pioneer of sustainable and environment-friendly agricultural and livestock production in Turkey. With plans to grow fruit trees and introduce fodder into his range of products, he hopes to further promote sustainable agriculture by using less land and reducing water to grow feed. These smart and cost-effective solutions are key drivers in his mission to benefit people, planet, and prosperity, all promoting healthier lives and ecosystems. “My main advice to any entrepreneur,” he says, “is to think outside the box and monitor the general trend of global markets and the future of companies in all sectors and fields.”

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