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Spotlight on Syrian Entrepreneurs: Mazen

by Building Markets
مايو 9, 2018

Mazen Blog Post

Mazen: The Perseverer

In Syria, Mazen operated a media and advertising business. After arriving in Türkiye in 2015, he decided to use his expertise in advertising to start a company to support his family.

“It hasn’t been easy”, Mazen says. He was most surprised by how different the work culture in Türkiye was, “especially how much capital you need to invest before you can start a business!” During his first year of operations he lost everything, but tirelessly persevered. Now, his bold choices have paid off. Two years later, he has moved into a new office, double the size of their last one.

His advice to other entrepreneurs is to have a clear business plan, and to not be embarrassed to ask for advice – every step of the way.

As we left Mazen’s office, he filled our bags with his latest marketing strategy, delicious candies with the names of the businesses he works with sprawled across the wrappers in big bold letters!

Click here to learn more about Mazen’s business, Salsabil.

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