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Spotlight on Syrian Entrepreneurs: Obida

by Building Markets
مايو 9, 2018

Obida Blog Post

Obida: The Exporter

Obida owned a car manufacturing factory in Syria. Although he wasn’t able to bring any of his equipment when he moved to Turkey, he did bring his most prized possession – his entrepreneurial spirit. Drawing on his past experience and business connections, Obida started an import business in Istanbul. In two short years, he has grown his business and now has numerous trade partners throughout the Gulf Region.

“When we make promises to our customers, we always follow through”, Obida says with the charm of a persuasive salesman. “This is why, only a year after starting this business, we have found success”. Always thinking ahead, Obida’s hopes to make more connections with the Turkish market to ensure his business can continue to grow in Turkey.

His advice to other entrepreneurs? “Budding Syrian entrepreneurs need to understand how to run a business in Turkey and should never be afraid to ask for advice. Connecting the Syrian and Turkish business communities will help create partnerships to ensure the longevity of our businesses.”

Click here to learn more about Obida’s business, Al-Bashear.

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