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Ezgi Kamalı

Ezgi Kamalı

Communications Assistant

Ezgi Kamalı, a dedicated Communications specialist, brings over three years of expertise in empowering those in need through digital capacity building in the humanitarian sector.

Her background in media, history, and culture enriches her approach to communications strategies and content management. She pursued her academic journey, delving into Modern Turkish History at Boğaziçi University, and attained Bachelor’s degrees in Media and Visual Arts as well as History from Koç University. Her thirst for knowledge led her to an enriching exchange program at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she explored History, Culture, and Communication, fostering a diverse and multidisciplinary perspective that she brings to her work today.

In her previous role, she crafted compelling user guides, tutorial videos, and brochures, leveraging her skills to ensure clear and engaging content.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ezgi is a passionate animal rights advocate and a culinary enthusiast, finding solace and joy in cooking during her free time.