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Training on Advanced Bid Compilation Leads to $6.8 Million in Contracts

SEGAL increased self-sufficiency and savings in the bidding process while expanding its offering and ability to deliver.


Based in Monrovia, Liberia, Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) provides integrated physical and electronic private security services to a wide range of private companies and organizations in the private and public sectors. Their services are available in thirteen of Liberia’s fifteen political subdivisions and they are an important employer in communities where they operate.


Like many Liberian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), SEGAL found itself unable to effectively respond to bids from large buyers, which are lengthy and include a number of daunting technical components. As a result, SEGAL was stuck either responding to smaller, less lucrative bids that had fewer or informal documentation requirements, or hiring expensive consultants to help prepare and submit bids for larger contracts. 


In response to this widespread problem, Building Markets developed its Advanced Bid Compilation course, which helps small businesses gain the practical and technical experience required to win big contracts. Grouped together by sector, participants walk through the bidding process, from obtaining tender documents and forms to closing the deal.

SEGAL’s participation in this course has directly resulted in business growth and resilience. “We don’t look at the petty contracts, we look at the big ones these days,” said Frederick A. Duwor, coordinator of the firm.“And when our bids are classified as ‘best responsive’, I feel so proud,” he says.


  • Self-sufficiency and savings in SEGAL’s bid preparation and submission process
  • Sustained employment for over 4,000 Liberians
  • Consistent rise in the number and size of secured contracts, including a $1.6 million contract with the United Nations to provide security services to five UN agencies
  • Continued growth of its security services offering — and capacity to deliver them — for government agencies, extractive firms and international private companies

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