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Billion Dollar Budget Equals Building Boom – But Where to Find a Job?

by Building Markets
May 12, 2011

Over the years that PDT has been running its verification services, a number of people and organizations have come to us asking for information on Timor-Leste businesses. Last week we received a typical request for a list of construction businesses in Dili, but it was from group that had never approached us before. It reminded me that even though our service is geared towards building local business and easing the work of people looking to buy and sell our database can benefit groups outside our intended audience.

So where did this request come from? It came from a group of civil engineering students at UNTL who were looking for construction businesses where they could perform six month internships. They realized that PDT’s list (a long, long 3,000 entries + list) of businesses in Timor-Leste might just be the best place they could start. We handed over contact information for over four hundred Dili based construction businesses for them to look through. We look forward to hearing what they arrange. Sure it takes a little initiative,  but the Business Portal is a great resource for job seekers as well.

The construction sector was the second largest job creating sector behind agriculture in PDM-TL's nine district impact assessment study.

And remember, if you need to find a business in Timor-Leste (for any reason), here’s where to look:

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