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The Helmand Job Creation Survey Results Have Been Released!

Last May/June, we set about measuring the jobs created in Helmand province as a result of PDM-A activities. Despite the highly volatile security environment, the challenges in communications technology, and the general mistrust that many local businesses have in sharing information, we were able to gather some pretty impressive results.

From sixty-one reported contracts facilitated by PDT between international buyers and Afghan-owned companies in Helmand,

• 1,882 jobs were created, 335 (18%) of which were permanent and 1,547 (82%) temporary;

• 418 (22%) of the jobs created were skilled labour, and 1,464 (78%) were unskilled labour;

• 71 (4%) jobs were retained by employers even after the contract closed; and

• Respondents indicate that 93% of the contracts would not have been awarded without PDT’s assistance.

So, we can conclude that the Peace Dividend Marketplace – Afghanistan has created jobs in Helmand province. A pat on the back for everyone, because this is without a doubt a huge accomplishment.

It’s easy enough to measure job creation, but it’s much harder to analyze its impact. We here at PDT have spent some time thinking about it. Given the huge constraints first mentioned in this blog – security, lack of reliable communication methods, local mistrust in information sharing – it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to go back and ask those 1,882 people where they spent their money. We won’t be able to measure if it was re-invested locally, spent on imported DVDs or blown on a bet at a buzkashi game. That’s the next step in the process. But this survey carried out in Helmand has taken the first step in measuring our results beyond number and value of contracts facilitated, or the number of business trained. And they were pretty impressive results.

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