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PDM-A Builds Bridges Between Helmandi and Kabuli Agribusiness

PDM-A organized and conducted a B2B Event on December 27, 2011 to accommodate the agribusinesses from Helmand province and Kabul. The session included companies from Helmand and organizations from Kabul who shared views on current business opportunities and problems and the need for cooperation with each other. The ultimate purpose of the event was to create long-term relationships between Helmandi and Kabuli businesses.

A Helmandi business owner delivers his presentation.

In the opening speech Akbar Ahmadzai, PDT’s Deputy Country Director, talked about the need and importance of conducting such events. According to him, there will be business opportunities in Helmand with the coordination of a Kabuli company. Kabuli companies can also benefit by partnering with a Helmandi company. He said that events like this one can create first-rate relations among businesses all over the country.

Hamayoun Shahim, a participant from Afghanistan Business Innovation Fund (ABIF) delivered a presentation regarding grants. According to him, ABIF is funded by the British government and offers Afghan business owners grants to implement their business ideas. Beneficiaries
are economically disadvantaged, and their business idea must create jobs for Afghans. Helmandi and Kabuli businesses found this program very agreeable.

ABIF representative delivers his presentation.

This event also included presentations from various business owners. Mohammad Khan Wasifi from Afghanistan Agricultural Development Company, which is based in Helmand, was one of them. He said that good alternatives for growing opium in Helmand are Saffron and expanding cotton growth. His company conducts training sessions for the farmers in Helmand province.

Helmandi and Kabuli agribusinesses in discussion session.

Haji  Wali Jan from Noorzai Improved Seed Company thanked PDM-A for conducting the event and  added, “We ask Kabuli companies to have a site visit and see Helmandi companies face to face”. He encouraged PDM-A to pave the way for businesses to visit regional countries to share their ideas and get experience. He was specifically talking about the Soya bean because for the first time since WWII people of South Korea were using bread made of Soya Bean. “We don’t have any kind of problems with the extension of Soya Bean cultivation,” he said. “Soya bean is 40 percent vitamins, which is very good for pregnant women, and by extending Soya Bean cultivation more people will find jobs”.

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