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Local Procurement: An effective way for mining companies to contribute to economic and social development

One of the most effective means that mining companies can utilize to spread the economic benefits of mining activity is to increase the amount of local goods and services they... More

Tips for International Job-Hunters

Melissa Mullan has some tips for job-seekers in international development.... More

How can we Measure the Impact of Peacebuilding?

An Alliance for Peacebuilding report features a case study of Building Markets in Afghanistan.... More

A Juicy Tale

Meet entrepreneurs, helped by PDM-Helmand, who are building the Helmandi marketplace! This is part five of the series.... More
Haji Abdul Sattar Popal-1

Helmandi Business Resilience

Helmand is still one of the most difficult operating environments in Afghanistan. Despite the security challenges, local entrepreneurs in the country’s largest province disp... More
"We further show that corrupt officials use complex pricing schemes, including third-degree price discrimination and a menu of two-part tariffs”...chump!

The View From the Ivory Tower: Corruption

Just how bad is corruption for development? It all comes down to greasers vs. sanders... ... More
Source: One International

The Emergent Continent: Part 4 of 4: Re-conceptualizing Aid

This is a guest post by Carol Gallo, who blogs at the UN Dispatch, and is the last of a four-part series. ... More
Kenyan men outside a barber shop. Photo: SUM Consult

Getting to work in Kenya: The realities of youth employment

Kenya's growing ICT sector has been one of the region’s most phenomenal development stories in recent years. The country has become a pioneer in mobile technology through th... More
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Women at the Nexus of Conflict and Development

Guest blogger Linda Raftree recalls the ways women are left out of peace negotiations and harmed in post-conflict resolution.... More
A team of engineers lay fibre optic cables, as part of a government project to provide internet and telephone services, at Seredupi, 450 km (280 miles) north of the capital Nairobi, July 8, 2008. REUTERS/Antony Njuguna (KENYA)

The Emergent Continent Part 3 of 4: Smart Aid

In part 3 of her series, Carol Gallo examines the new approach to development aid, with Africa as a rich resource of ideas, innovation, and human capital. This vision of Afric... More
Remnants of an Army

The Light of a Secure Peace

Western resources to support Afghanistan in fulfilling its potential is limited. Fortunately, Afghan potential is not. Phil Colgan on what the future holds for "the graveyard ... More

Revolution in Egypt: both political and economic?

Guest blogger Dave Algoso on Egypt, its reforms and economic progress. ... More

The Emergent Continent

The West's view of Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries still shapes our perception of the continent today and the way we deliver aid there.... More
Gets even better when the clouds clear

Quietude in Qabul

We think about and write about development on this blog, but not every inspiration has to be from another development worker or writer or thinker. We can keep a certain perspe... More

Current Contracting Loses the COIN Fight

One of the brilliant effects of Afghan First, maybe the reason that I believe that it will lead to a stable and secure Afghanistan faster than any other economic policy, is th... More

Making Liberian banks work for SMEs (and vice versa)

Our Liberia 3FP team is working with Liberian banks to design a pre-financing credit product to help address some of the needs and challenges of both Liberian SMEs and banks.... More
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The Need for More Local Procurement in Haiti

A cross-post from CDG about the need for more and better local procurement in Haiti, complete with mentions of Yours Truly and recommendations for how to make that happen!... More

Local Perspectives: Children on Education

Meet entrepreneurs, helped by PDM-Helmand, who are building the Helmandi marketplace! This is the last part of the series.... More

Growing Local Business

Meet entrepreneurs, helped by PDM-Helmand, who are building the Helmandi marketplace! This is part four of the series.... More

The Helmand National Investors Association: Strength in Numbers

Helmand is still one of the most difficult operating environments in Afghanistan. Despite the security challenges, local entrepreneurs in the country’s largest province disp... More

The Peacebuilding Evaluation Paradox

In a field that specializes in dialogue, consensus-building and finding solutions to complex challenges, surprisingly absent is a balanced exchange on a fundamental piece of o... More

Young Entrepreneurs Making Waves in Africa: A chat with Now AfriCAN

Laura Seay speaks with Priscillia Kounkou Hoveyda, co-founder of Now AfriCAN, an organization working to empower and train young African entrepreneurs. ... More
It's not just about homeruns anymore.

What We Can Learn From A Cambridge Economist

Tom Murphy talks baseball and randomized control trials, and what the two have in common for redefining the way we measure success.... More

Growth and Coffee in Vietnam

Ashley Grimes shares insights on Vietnam's economic success and the fighting entrepreneurial spirit that helped it along.... More
Solar Sister

Five Social Enterprises Facilitating More Social Enterpreneurs

A list of 5 social enterprises we like that are doing great work to empower other people and create change.... More

The Emergent Continent: Part 2 of 4

In part 2 of 4 of her guest posting series, Carol Gallo examines the need for development policy to catch up with changing narratives of Africa.... More
Shoes for sale in Accra, Ghana

Spending for Impact, Round 2

A View from the Cave, aka Tom Murphy is back...and he's not finished. Last week he wrote about Spending for Impact. He's got more to say on the subject...... More

Impact Without Boundaries

Guest blogger Bonnie Koenig asks can NGOs, social entrepreneurs and other aid workers break out of their silos? So many work to bring about significant social change, alleviat... More

Revolution Unending...

There is an indigenous movement brewing in Kabul. It's not the neo-Taliban or foreign fighters, nevertheless it is revolutionary. Unlike Tunisia or Cairo, its agents of change... More

COIN Contracting Pt 2: Tactical Patience Matters

As promised, I’m going to focus on “pace of operations,” “operational necessity,” and local procurement for part two in this series. To wit: current demands on Afgh... More

Liberia Progressing Forward

Stephen Lee shares his insights on progress in Liberia.... More

Guest post from the IFC's Roland Michelitsch: Creating more and better jobs

The IFC's Roland Michelitsch explains the IFC's recent jobs study and why creating more and better jobs is the surest way to help millions of people out of poverty.... More
A day in the life-2

Local Perspectives: A Day in the Park

Meet entrepreneurs, helped by PDM-Helmand, who are building the Helmandi marketplace! This is part six of the series.... More

From Mines to Markets

Meet entrepreneurs helped by the PDM-Helmand project. Part three in the series.... More

As the Aid Players Shift

Why the rhetoric of "rich North vs. poor South" must be left behind in development thinking.... More

Markets: Hot, Aid: Not

Elmira Bayrasli explains why social entrepreneurship is the answer to fragmented aid.... More

The Adventures of the Little Peacekeeper: An Interview

We caught up with the Little Peacekeeper to find out more about his adventures and what inspires him to work all over the world for peace.... More
Latex collected from the rubber trees is processed into raw rubber.

Local Economy Takes Root in Liberia

How can a poor country's natural resources be cultivated while promoting rural development and empowering smallholders? In Liberia, Hala Hanna thinks Farmbuilders may have the... More
Kiva provides a platform for people to provide microloans to entrepreneurs like Alexandra Castro of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Has Microfinance Failed? Evaluating the current state of microfinance

"Microfinance is neither inherently good nor bad. It is simply a tool." Aaron Morris gives a refresher course on the history of microfinance and its place in the development t... More
New aid work slogan?

Rethinking Efficiency

J. from Tales From the Hood thinks that the meaning of true efficiency in the NGO and aid sector is often misunderstood. "Aid costs what it costs," and being good stewards wit... More

The Building Blocks of Transparency

Taylor Steelman learns that aid transparency is essential to measuring (and improving) local procurement in Haiti's construction sector.... More

Spending for Impact

Plenty of people drink coffee, wear shoes and use laptops. Why not find ways to turn spending into impact? Guest blogger Tom Murphy takes a look at the real impact of differen... More

Happy Women’s Day from Afghanistan

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day -- which, incidentally, used to be called International Working Women’s Day -- with this year's theme being:... More
Quarterly SIGAR Report (January 2011)

We're Back! With Highlights from SIGAR.

PDT’s Afghanistan team is back on the blog train, folks, and we've got a lot of posts coming your way this month. First, we'll save you the trouble of reading all 160+ pages... More

Rethinking Contracting as the Front Lines of COIN, Pt 1

Many international organizations (IOs) are making good-faith efforts at local procurement, without PDT involvement. They do the best they can to collect and store company inf... More

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