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Sneak Preview! The New Afghanistan Building Markets

It’s finally come! After years of clicking our way through the Building Markets site to get to the search function, wading through the never-ending UN Standard Products and ... More
Afghan First Logo

Afghan First Gets the NATO Seal of Approval

“Afghan First” is a phrase regularly used by Peace Dividend Trust staff to explain the importance of keeping money designated for Afghanistan spent IN Afghanistan not ON A... More
Gets even better when the clouds clear

Quietude in Qabul

We think about and write about development on this blog, but not every inspiration has to be from another development worker or writer or thinker. We can keep a certain perspe... More
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In a bright mood on a cold, rainy day

I am in a positively giddy mood this week. I’m excited about Afghan women entrepreneurs. Yes, I’m kind of a geek.... More

Buy Local – And From Different Suppliers

Last week I was finally able to get out of Kabul to see how the project operates in our field offices. I spent some time on KAF talking with buyers and users of our Business P... More

We Don’t Only Sell Handicrafts Afghan Women Tell Buyers

The media stereo type of Afghan business women is a common one. A women to be felt sorry for who is heartwarmingly trying to “stitch” her life together again through handi... More

ABC4 Helps Buyers and Suppliers Shape the Way Forward for the Helmandi Marketplace

The fourth installment of the highly successful Afghan Business Conferences (ABCs) was held in Helmand on October 4th. Similar to the previous events, ABC4 brought together He... More
Aluminum processing and manufacture

A trip to Afghanistan’s biggest industrial base

I’ve just gotten back from a four-day trip to Herat, which was like a breath of fresh air from the Hescos and barbed wire of Kabul. Those of you who have visited the ancient... More

It’s hot, it’s dusty and it’s dangerous. It’s Helmand.

This week I’m in Helmand province on the Lashkar Gah Provincial Reconstruction Team compound with PDT Field Manager, Leigh Ryan. I’m here to begin the process of measuring... More
cutting trails in the Koh-e-Baba range

Ski Afghanistan!

Chamonix, Aspen, Banff, Cortina . . . . . . . Bamyan?! That’s right, Bamyan, Afghanistan. Pack your kit and prepare for a ski outing unlike any other to what must be the wo... More
Afghan Mushrooms

Mushrooms In Afghanistan

In this blog I am writing a few words about an important and valuable vegetable which is growing naturally in Afghanistan, The mushroom. Afghan mushrooms are famous for their ... More

COIN Contracting Pt 2: Tactical Patience Matters

As promised, I’m going to focus on “pace of operations,” “operational necessity,” and local procurement for part two in this series. To wit: current demands on Afgh... More

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