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Kim Kardashian Saves Haiti

Last year I gave a lecture at a Canadian university that culminated with one student standing up and shouting “This is bullshit!” before marching out.  To be honest, while I was delighted to have been so provocative, it was still somewhat unnerving.

So last month, as I stepped up to the podium to give a speech at UCLA Berkeley, I was a little more nervous than public speaking would normally make me.  To make matters worse, an unnamed colleague (let’s just call her Jennifer – Jennifer Holt) gave me this helpful advice just before I left for California: “You’ll do great.  Just don’t use your arrogant ass voice.”

Standing at the podium, trying to clear the arrogance out of my throat, and hoping that no one stormed out until at least the Q&A session, I turned to the screen behind me and saw that the AV laptop had chosen this precise moment to download a Windows 7 patch.  I may like the way Bill Gates uses metrics, but I really hate his operating system.

As a result, the audience at Berkeley did not get to see this brilliant video of Kim Kardashian’s plea to help post-earthquake Haiti:

The idea of sending shoes (or t-shirts or yoga mats) as aid has been roundly criticized all across the interwebs and there isn’t much more I could add to this.  Besides, if you are reading this blog you’ve probably already got a pretty good idea why this is a bad idea.  If you don’t, let me just skip to the punch line: Don’t send shoes, send money (or doctors).

But this video is such a ridiculous artifact, I feel I need to share it nonetheless.  The best part is when Kim starts talking about New Orleans instead of Haiti.  Great stuff.  I’m pretty sure that if that laptop hadn’t started downloading a patch, and if I had been able to play this video, that speech in Berkeley would have been a huge hit.  Jennifer is not convinced.  She’s pretty sure I used “that voice”.

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  1. SJN says:

    only one thing can be said … LMAO!

  2. Edward Rees says:

    This really is total and unmitigated bollocks. Grande soy chai latte – goodness. Stick a sock in it.

  3. diego says:

    I like your blog Scott!! pretty much on target!! cheers

  4. Two words… so hot! I mean seriously, she’s got a sexy body with a divine face that you can’t stop staring at and the best part? she’s hasn’t let it all get to her head (just yet!)

  5. Kim Kardashian has got to be one of the most innovative and versatile people today

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