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Point Us Towards the Best Aid Info Portal

We want your opinion and your help.  What is the best country-specific aid data portal you’ve seen?  We are looking for the best example of a website that is a one-stop-shop for up to date aid information.  Something that aggregates donor data, lists research reports, posts key indicators, and basically acts as reliable source for the sort of info aid workers, researchers, donors, and peacekeepers would need on a daily basis.  For example:

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit has a great website that lists all of its papers, and a useful A-Z guide of agencies working in the country.

La’o Hamutuk in Timor acts as a sort of Smoking Gun website with a grab bag of government documents, donor reports, and independent research.

The best global resource is possibly Development Gateway, which contains the AidData site we like so much, and has individual country gateways, like this one for Sri Lanka.

For baseline economic and statistical data, the CIA’s World Fact Book is a good start.

Each of these are good in their own way, but what we are looking for is an example of a site that has it all for a specific country.  Imagine if you were newly posted to country X, and you were looking for the latest unemployment numbers, or donor disbursement data, or most recent research on infant malnutrition, everyone you asked would say “Go to this site.  If it exists, its there.”

So what is the most useful one you’ve seen?  Post it in the comments or email us.  Best example gets a prize!



  1. Hazel Siri says:

    I guess I’m just answering the question “So what is the most useful one you’ve seen?” and not “What is the best…..”
    There was however an excellent (though temporary) information site set up during the Lebanon -Israel violence in 2006 – this had everything relevant to humanitarian assistance and early recovery – since wound down
    I currently work in Chad and ……

  2. Scott Gilmore says:

    Hazel – thanks. I consider those two questions to be identical. “Best” doesn’t mean it is pretty and expensive and has all the bells and whistles; it means people used it. You don’t remember the name of that site, do you?

  3. Edward Rees says:

    United Nations in Sudan Information Gateway:

  4. Edward Rees says:

    I think you should have a look at AidInfo –

  5. Edward Rees says:

    Not really what you are looking for – but of mild interest.

  6. Prabhas Pokharel says:

    Scott, so who got the prize?

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