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Economist magazine

In college, The Economist magazine was a weekly ritual for me, providing a glimpse of the world well beyond the relatively remote ivory towers of the University of Alberta, deep in the Canadian prairies.  At grad school, I lived a few blocks from the magazine’s (then) headquarters, and walked by it every day on the way to the LSE.  As a diplomat, and in my current role, I would often run into their remarkably well-informed correspondents in some of the messier parts of the globe, such as Kandahar or Monrovia.

My Mom just bought 30 copies.

So you can imagine my delight to discover PDT is in this week’s edition.  And we didn’t even have to buy one of those outrageously overpriced career ads!

PS: By the way, ad or no ad, we’re hiring.  Economist (as it so happens). Development Director.  Project Manager.  Pass it on.

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