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A Different View of Afghanistan

I’ve been working on Afghanistan for a long time now, first as a diplomat, and now in the aid industry.  I used to consume everything I could find about the place.  Old British memoirs, scholarly papers, magazine articles, World Bank reports, travelogues, religious tracts, anything.  But after awhile I grew tired of the consensus narrative: Afghanistan the ravaged, the broken, the war-torn, the foresaken.  It didn’t match what I often saw on the ground, the hope, the hard work, the energy.

Which is why I was stunned and delighted this morning when I opened up a zip drive filled with James Rexroad‘s photos.  We asked James to visit our team in Afghanistan to help us tell their story and the story of the Afghan’s we’re trying to assist.  He did that and more.  The Afghanistan he shows is not the one you will see on Fox News or Time Magazine.  This is a country of innovators, and entrepreneurs, people who are rebuilding and moving forward.

Take a look at some examples of his great work (click to enlarge).  We’ll be putting more up on the main PDT website soon, and we are also planning an exhibition in New York and elsewhere in the autumn.

James on location in Kabul

Photos copyright James Rexroad 2010

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  1. Matthew D. N. says:

    Get ready for the real Afghanistan boom! What, if anything, can PDT and other humanitarian organizations do to ensure that the jobs and wealth and opportunity that will come from the eventual extraction of the mineral deposits recently found over there will be Afghani wealth for Afghani people?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Peace Dividend Trust, Scott Gilmore. Scott Gilmore said: Some cool photos of #Afghanistan just landed on my desk, showing a hopeful view we normally don't see. […]

  3. pet door says:

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  4. Cheers for the facts. Greatly appreciated….

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