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It’s funny ’cause it’s true

There is a great little internet meme doing the rounds today.  It’s called “I Write Like” and the premise is simple.  Cut and paste a sample of your writing, press ANALYZE, and presto-whamo it figures out which author your writing style most resembles.  (h/t to my friend blogging-author-journalist-wunderkind Andrew Potter for this little gem).

Now, ignoring the bit where the author of this site says there is no science behind it, I think there is one  incontrovertible piece of evidence that she is on to something.  If you drop the donors’ Kabul Conference Communique into the thingamabob it immediately tells you the drafters write like science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

So true.

I think that’s pretty much right on the money.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Inayet Hadi, BA, MPA, Scott Gilmore. Scott Gilmore said: The "I Write Like" meme believes the donor's #Afghanistan Communique was written by a science fiction writer. So do I. […]

  2. W says:

    I pasted in this blog and apparently you write like David Foster Wallace.
    I’d take that as a compliment; however, you may want to stay on the meds.
    Just saying.

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