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Polman, Collier, and the Rational Actor Model

Aidwatch has another interesting post up, featuring David Zetland and his review of the review of Linda Polman's new book "Crisis Caravan". I made a snide remark about it on ... More
PDT Fundraiser Invite

PDT Is Throwing A Party!

Building a better peace is a complicated business of supporting local markets, creating jobs, organizing bike races, and throwing parties. Wait...what? Did something seem amis... More
Henry Theil: Econometrician and measurer of UN dysfunction

Pareto Principle and the United Nations

They say 90% of the work at the United Nations is done by 10% of the people? Turns out this is a commonly observed phenomena and it even has a name.... More
Rory in Kabul

Liberalism, Rory Stewart, and Overreaching Aid

As with the aid industry's insistence on inverting Maslow's pyramid of needs, we have sought to overextend ourselves in thinking that good governance projects can cure everyt... More
So cool - the website has its own soundtrack

Timor Party at Haven

PDT is hosting its first fundraising party in New York tomorrow night. You're invited!... More

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