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Timor Party at Haven

I was going to write about the Pareto Principle and the United Nations this morning, but as fascinating as that would be, this is more fun:

PDT is hosting its first fundraising party in New York tomorrow night.  The cause is for Timor Leste which is one of the worlds poorest nations.  Your contributions will help support a project (the Peace Dividend Marketplace – PDM) that is addressing one of Timor-Leste’s key barriers to long-term peace and stability – poverty, unemployment, and an under-developed economy. Too often, the international community working bypasses the domestic market and imports goods and services to carry out their operations when the products and talent they need are often available in Timor! As a result, opportunities to generate livelihoods, build local capacity and create sustainable economic opportunities are lost.  Through our relationships with almost 3,000 domestic businesses, we have helped facilitate millions of dollars into the local economy and created countless jobs for the Timorese who are eager to rebuild their country. But we need your help. So…

Your personal invitation!

Come out and support a terrific and important project. Bring friends. We hope to see you there!

PS:  If you haven’t been there, Haven is a very cool restaurant in midtown.  Great place for a party.

So cool - the website has its own soundtrack

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