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Walking on Sunshine

This is an odd blog posting.  We often get knocked back by dinosaur donors, our own lack of capacity being such a young organisation, and the fact that we lean forward hard.  However, its all great fun.  This is a little bit of pulling back the curtain.

About three hours ago I sent this email to all PDT staff.

“This will no doubt totally screw up Timor’s [thank you Timor Telcom monopoly cannot handle big attachments] internet connection.  But the devil may care.  I thought that I would remind everyone that despite the headaches, heartaches and backaches that being involved with a small rapidly growing organisation entails, it still kicks the hell out of being a paper pusher.  For those of you who saw Scott’s tweet about a 1986 Canadian hit called “Walking on Sunshine” [Katrina and the Waves] six days ago and have no idea what it was all about, let me take a moment and spark your audio nerves and let you know its fun being unreasonable.  Despite the crankiness.  We are all playing a role large and small in something important and unique.  Listen to the song and have a think on it.  Edward”

Katrina's Krew

Now the fun part is that an unnamed staff member from one of the Haiti, Afghanistan, Timor-Leste, Ottawa or NYC office came back with a reply,

“This just made my DAY!!!  I know for a fact that [the office] is grooving to this song.  That’s right. I just said grooving.”

We have a good crew.  A very good crew.  Tomorrow I will blog about meeting Boris Yelstin at the G7 in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1995.  It involves vodka – seriously…

Boris Yeltsin - former President of Russia

I am also lead to believe that a Nobel Prize winner will be going to bat for us on the G20 SME Finance Challenge voting in just a few hours. Because he was once upon a time ago a very unreasonable bloke.

And with that in mind remember you have only got a few more hours to vote for our G20 SME Finance Challenge Winner for People’s Choice – right here.

Pull your thumb out and vote.

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