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U.S. Foreign Assistance, in Economic Development, to Haiti

Progress Reports and Discussion Points on Haiti

Last night I met with a good friend who is in New York on a short vacation from work in Haiti. The conversation covered many topics, but on a base level I wanted to simply kno... More
Executive Director Scott Gilmore being held accountable by PDT staff for his thought crimes and other counter-revolutionary failures.

PDT’s Failure Report 1.0

We're rolling out Failure Reports at PDT. I began drafting the guidelines for staff to draft their contributions, and then stopped and decided failure starts at the top. There... More
From "Water Rights and Wrongs", UNHDR (2006).

Right message, right solution? The African Development Bank and Africa’s water crisis

The AfDB has accurately identified a serious crisis. What I am advocating for is a solution that does not repeat past mistakes while sufficiently addressing the problems at ha... More

Foreign Aid for Scoundrels: Perhaps, but is it that easy?

In the last edition of The New York Review of Books (November 25, 2010), William (Bill) Easterly strikes again with another compelling article, further probing and critiquing ... More

Tis the Season… For Conflict Minerals

I wanted to write a short follow-up to my last blog about the “resource curse.” In it, I discuss Charles Kenny’s recent article in which he challenges the idea of the re... More
Tin Mine Worker, Democratic Republic of Congo

Cursed Resources

This past week I tweeted about Charles Kenny’s recent online article in Foreign Policy, What Resource Curse? While the title is perfectly benign and caused me no great alarm... More
42nd St. from the PDT office. Not the best place for a debate.

Aids vs Cancer. You choose.

Can the social benefit of condom distribution be gauged accurately enough that you could say “If we distribute 200,000 condoms in the Nyanza province of Kenya, it will preve... More
A disgusting, self-serving apologist speaks

In Defence of In Defence of Secrecy

Take from this what you will, but when something I've written angers the mob to this extent, I feel that was labour well paid. (In fact, I've even inserted several of those q... More
ExpatAidworker internet habitat


Expat strike me as a ridiculous term but its here to stay. Expats come in many sizes and shapes. ... More
Unveiled: Durex v. the Chinese Dragon

Condom distribution systems, the Pope and the Chinese Dragon (V 2.0)

Some days ago I blogged about "MDG #9. A RUBBER IN EVERY PACK OF SMOKES." Since then my memory has been jogged about a closely related and mildly humorous event a month or two... More
Zen condom distribution

MDG #9. A rubber in every pack of smokes.

A friend and former colleague of mine, Rod Nixon, has invented MDG #9. When it comes to inventions it must rank up there as one of the most counter intuitive, wonderfully prac... More

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