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Condom distribution systems, the Pope and the Chinese Dragon (V 2.0)

Some days ago I blogged about “MDG #9. A RUBBER IN EVERY PACK OF SMOKES.”

Since then my memory has been jogged about a closely related and mildly humorous event a month or two back.  I was sitting in a restaurant frequented by foreigners in Dili, Timor-Leste with two of my best Timorese buddies.  When I went to the toilet I saw something which is common at home, but very uncommon in Dili.  I saw the “western mode” condom distribution system, which will of course be usurped in time via MDG #9.

What I saw was this.

Condom distribution, Dili Timor-Leste

When I returned my table, I told my friends about this newfound discovery.  They were so impressed, shocked, and bemused that they immediately went and checked it out.  Presumably stuffing their pockets with a few freebies as well.  Its a shame really, these guys and their girlfriends could and should have better access to the Almighty Rubber.  However, recently the Pope helped out a little. In November this year the Old Fella came out and made a move towards modernity when he said condoms were ok in exceptional cases. Good. But what is exceptional? When a guy needs one? These cases tend to be “exceptional”….

The above distribution system is ok, but does it reach all those Catholic Timorese who don’t hang out at said restaurants?  Having said that the distribution had some very good Tetun language instructions and related information.  MDG #9 will need to come up with ways and means to include such info.  But…. it seems this distribution system is supported by the National Ministry of Health and UNFPA – where are their Timorese friendly distribution systems? Lunch at this restaurant costs about the same as the daily wage in Timor-Leste. Then again it may be a good distribution system for hard working UN Police officers, 99% of whom do not read Tetun – good thing there are pictures otherwise they might put the things over their feet.

Distribution System Instructions and Bumpf

As a final aside I have to say I did take a couple of these free condoms.  And as with so many things in Dili these days, they were Chinese condoms….

The Chinese Dragon?

Ok, I have to do some work for a change. I am working on something of a distribution system for getting stuff locally in states affected by conflict, disaster and other such ills – about 90% complete.

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