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Change On The Horizon For USAID?

The argument within the United States over the militarization of aid could potentially witness a dramatic shift in the coming weeks. The discussion has been refocused, from th... More
Steve Jobs? Geoffrey Canada? Same guy.

Arguing in Public – A Three Act Play

Wherein I greet our new Communications Director Elmira Bayrasli by publicly disagreeing with her.... More
Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 9.51.35 AM

Tax Dodging, Aid, and Afghanistan

The UN and donors grants ridiculous carte blanche tax breaks to its contractors and sub-contractors. In the case of the UN, the 1946 Convention which allegedly allows this, do... More
And now, a word from our sponsors?

Bringing some sex appeal to the aid industry

Wherein I argue that the new, ridiculous, ABC doctor drama Off the Map will actually be good for the aid industry. I know, I can't believe I wrote that either.... More
Access-A-Ride Bus, still snowbound three days after the storm, blocking a road one block from my apartment in Brooklyn.

Blizzardgate: Lessons buried in the Snow

The recent snow storms in New York City, and what they can reveal about economic inequality, social contract theory and democratic consolidation.... More

The Militarization of Aid and the QDDR

The militarization of aid is increasingly a controversial issue. The recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Pakistan bring opposing perspectives into sharp focus. Huma... More

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