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What’s wrong with aid?

Why is aid broken? This animated video that we at Peace Dividend Trust created offers one explanation. Better yet, it offers a solution to make aid and peacekeeping more ef... More

Help! They’re cutting foreign aid…

It's budget season again in Washington. And again it reminds me of a Looney Tunes skit: Congress as Bugs, outwitting and outmaneuvering the aid world that is Daffy.... More
Thou Shalt Volunteer Wisely Or Risk the Holy Wrath of Chuck Heston (and various bloggers)

Volunteers vs Interns – Getting it Right

I still dislike volunteers, but I'm willing to concede a couple of points (grudgingly and without grace).... More

Can Microfinance Reduce Poverty?

Microfinance seems to be the latest buzz word in the international development world, thanks to several high-profile micro-lending organizations and the recent string of preda... More

Aid & development: A few good posts

Notwithstanding Arab uprisings and Qaddafi rants, there has been a lot of good stuff on aid and development this week. Some of the must reads from this week. The best by far i... More

Challenging Down with the People

Last week PDT bossman Scott Gilmore went on a rant about volunteering. This week Habitat for Humanity Ireland's Executive Director Karen Kennedy sent us this response.... More

Down with people

I'm no fan of volunteers. And I have several angry reasons why.... More

Humanitarian Aid, the chicken or the egg?

Found this article about Wipro CEO Azim H. Premji in today's NYT interesting. I had incidentally heard Premji speak earlier this week about his efforts to raise India's educa... More

World Vision: What are you seeing?

PDT is throwing its hat into the ring on the World Vision NFL T-Shirt debate. @good_intents (via @saundra_s) has an aggregated listing, thanks Saundra!... More

Cash for Oil: Are Cash Transfers a cure for the Resource Curse

In Oil for Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse through Cash Transfers, Todd Moss of the Center for Global Development suggests cash transfers as a tool to curb many of the dele... More

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