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What’s wrong with aid?

Aid.  Bet your eyes rolled just reading that.  The word upsets us all and, still, we dispense billions of dollars of it to places that are hit by conflict or disaster.  Then we complain how that doesn’t make a difference.  But do we ever ask why?

Why is aid broken?   This animated video that we at Peace Dividend Trust created offers one explanation.  Better yet, it offers a solution to make aid and peacekeeping more effective.

The solution: instead of shipping goods and services from other countries, the international community can start to “buy local.”  This would create jobs and lend to economic growth.  And that would result in long-term peace and stability.  Like it.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson designed the animated clip.  Hatfarm produced the sound design.

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  3. Khadeejat says:

    Great idea.

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