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Revolution in Egypt: both political and economic?

Guest blogger Dave Algoso on Egypt, its reforms and economic progress. ... More
Shoes for sale in Accra, Ghana

Spending for Impact, Round 2

A View from the Cave, aka Tom Murphy is back...and he's not finished. Last week he wrote about Spending for Impact. He's got more to say on the subject...... More
Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 10.50.28 AM

An Open Letter to Global Soap Project

Wherein I try a different approach to fight the burgeoning waste of the SWEDOW industry. As my prairie-born grandmother used to say "You gather more flies with honey than vine... More

The Emergent Continent

The West's view of Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries still shapes our perception of the continent today and the way we deliver aid there.... More

Impact Without Boundaries

Guest blogger Bonnie Koenig asks can NGOs, social entrepreneurs and other aid workers break out of their silos? So many work to bring about significant social change, alleviat... More

Share, listen & engage: A Peace Dividend Trust Blog

Starting today, Peace Dividend Trust is rolling out a new blogging platform where we share, listen and engage through voices from the field, guest bloggers and op-eds. We hope... More
Charles Darwin was not an aid worker.

In Defence of Duplication, Waste, and Ineffeciency

The structure of the non-profit sector is fundamentally flawed. More competition among NGOs can only make things better.... More

Going Dutch in Afghanistan

Why the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's estimate that 97% of Afghanistan's GDP is reliant upon military and donor aid is misleading, to say the least.... More
David and Goliath

From “Independence”, to “Aid” Activism.

This story travels from Dili to Monrovia - with stops in Juba, Port-au-Prince, Kinshasa, Freetown and other tough places along the way. When occupied, the Timorese were indepe... More

Kabul Snapshots

Business as usual in Afghanistan really is business. Despite the endless images that flash on Western TV screens, Afghans are focused on thriving, not just surviving. But beca... More
Presidents Bush and Clinton visit the Maxima plant in Port-au-Prince. Evelien and Kees de Gier (right).

Maxima, S.A. – Building a Better Haiti, Literally

How a casket maker turned shelter manufacturer demonstrates the possibilities in the Haitian marketplace.... More
PDT photo. Afghan women at a Peace Dividend Marketplace event

Women, entrepreneurship & Afghanistan: A chat with Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

A conversation with author Gayle Lemmon about the limits of microfinance, business under the Taliban, tapping into entrepreneurial energy, and some of the challenges and oppor... More

Spending for Impact

Plenty of people drink coffee, wear shoes and use laptops. Why not find ways to turn spending into impact? Guest blogger Tom Murphy takes a look at the real impact of differen... More
Image courtesy of Duncan Green's post

Aid vs. Development

How can we consolidate aid and development not only into a single discussion but also into an approach that helps developing nations grow beyond the challenges of hunger, pove... More
Financial Obstacles for World's Poor

M-Banking Needs to E-merge

Mobile banking is no antidote to poverty. Having the ability to save money doesn’t help if you don’t have any money. But increasing access to the tools that help and encou... More

The world will not be saved through spreadsheets

“Harvard MBAs,” a piece on Fortune magazine’s website read, are “putting goals of corporate domination aside,” and opting for careers in the non-profit and social ch... More

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