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Solar Sister

Five Social Enterprises Facilitating More Social Enterpreneurs

A list of 5 social enterprises we like that are doing great work to empower other people and create change.... More
Ariana Radio and Television Network conducting an interview

War, Chaos & CSR in Afghanistan

Many Afghan firms are redesigning what corporate social responsibility (CSR) means in a conflict situation.... More
Remnants of an Army

The Light of a Secure Peace

Western resources to support Afghanistan in fulfilling its potential is limited. Fortunately, Afghan potential is not. Phil Colgan on what the future holds for "the graveyard ... More

Tax is Power

PDT's economist Lucy Heady purports that taxation and government accountability go hand in hand, and that formalizing will help SMEs in the developing world access more servic... More
New aid work slogan?

Rethinking Efficiency

J. from Tales From the Hood thinks that the meaning of true efficiency in the NGO and aid sector is often misunderstood. "Aid costs what it costs," and being good stewards wit... More
"She must have been extradinarily beautiful, because the mask she wore was hideous.''

Unpaid Internships, Glampers, and the Grade School Gum Dictum

I will concede that I have not studied ethics, nor have I read St. Augustine. At Sunday Mass, I tend to marvel at the stained-glass windows instead of paying attention to the... More
sirleaf moss convo

How to Wean Liberia Off Aid: A Conversation with Todd Moss

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's goal of weaning Liberia off of international aid in ten years seems like a daunting task. So we sat down with to see how realistic her goal is.... More

The Emergent Continent: Part 2 of 4

In part 2 of 4 of her guest posting series, Carol Gallo examines the need for development policy to catch up with changing narratives of Africa.... More
An alternate story: how can we maintain these schools once they're built? How do we ensure quality teacher performance?

Raising the Level

Morgan Ashenfelter on why stories sell and the need to improve the way fundraising tactics work.... More

Hurray for Hollywood, as we development & aid workers say

It's a Thursday in July, let's go to the movies! Sorry, this isn't a post about George Clooney, Bono, Angelina Jolie or Matt Damon. It's about movies, and the ones that have, ... More
Take this job and shove it.

You Should Probably Quit Your Job

Unrequested career advice wherein I exhort you to quit your job to chase rainbows and unicorns. ... More

The Building Blocks of Transparency

Taylor Steelman learns that aid transparency is essential to measuring (and improving) local procurement in Haiti's construction sector.... More

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