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"...everything looks like a nail."

Look out Libya, the airport’s about to get crowded

The one thing the international community is good at is helping to hold elections. The next best thing they can do is build up police forces. After that, its utility per doll... More
Buy Local Build Afghanistan

US government success touted as failure in Afghanistan

Some amazing good news was wrapped up in what appeared to be some shocking bad news today. Politico, AP, ABC, and others are reporting that a jaw dropping $360m of US govt mon... More
Kiva provides a platform for people to provide microloans to entrepreneurs like Alexandra Castro of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Has Microfinance Failed? Evaluating the current state of microfinance

"Microfinance is neither inherently good nor bad. It is simply a tool." Aaron Morris gives a refresher course on the history of microfinance and its place in the development t... More
Boehner on Debt Ceiling

Dear Washington: The Debt Ceiling & Development

Elmira Bayrasli on the debt ceiling deal. "Funding cuts do not diminish the intention and will to make a positive difference. For all our faults, the aid and development world... More

PDT, gone fishin’….

Going to the beach - the blog will pick back up after Labour Day!... More
PDT group

Summer 2011: Thank you Emily, Aaron & Ashley

Peace Dividend Trust's New York City office bid its interns farewell last night. It was bittersweet on in the fierce competition to see “Who’s Got Talent.”... More
A team of engineers lay fibre optic cables, as part of a government project to provide internet and telephone services, at Seredupi, 450 km (280 miles) north of the capital Nairobi, July 8, 2008. REUTERS/Antony Njuguna (KENYA)

The Emergent Continent Part 3 of 4: Smart Aid

In part 3 of her series, Carol Gallo examines the new approach to development aid, with Africa as a rich resource of ideas, innovation, and human capital. This vision of Afric... More
Kabul smog

Holding Our Breath for Cleaner Air

The Taliban may receive greater notoriety, but air pollution is Kabul’s biggest threat and killer.... More

Growth and Coffee in Vietnam

Ashley Grimes shares insights on Vietnam's economic success and the fighting entrepreneurial spirit that helped it along.... More

You Want Fries With That Social Change? the value of global youth entrepreneurship

In honour of International Youth Day 2011, we discuss the many ways youth entrepreneurs are creating a difference in their communities.... More
Afghans installing a solar panel

Switching on Solar in Afghanistan

In a sun-drenched, fuel-starved nation such as Afghanistan, solar energy is providing an effective and inexpensive source of power.... More

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