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An Open Letter to Haiti’s President Martelly

In Haiti’s and elsewhere, again and again, the international community responds to war, tsunami, and earthquake the same way. Billions are pledged. Less is disbursed. And al... More

Jobs, the Future and Afghanistan

Jobs. Doesn't matter whether you have one or not, it’s on everyone’s mind. President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress about the subject two weeks ago. Former Pr... More
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Women, Energy, and Potential: our chat with Solar Sister

Our chat with CEO Katherine Lucey about how Solar Sister is getting renewable energy to rural African households by harnessing the power and passion of women entrepreneurs.... More
Trolley Problem

Aid “Industry” vs Humanitarian “Relief”

Too often in the debate about development reform and aid effectiveness we get sloppy and lump humanitarian relief into the mix. We shouldn’t. It’s not an industry and shou... More
Latex collected from the rubber trees is processed into raw rubber.

Local Economy Takes Root in Liberia

How can a poor country's natural resources be cultivated while promoting rural development and empowering smallholders? In Liberia, Hala Hanna thinks Farmbuilders may have the... More

Job Creation in Afghanistan: Over 100,000 and counting..

After four months of collecting data, two months of analysis and a month of reviewing, perfecting, crossing things out and putting them back in again, Peace Dividend Trust tod... More
ACDI-VOCA farmer David Kpen in Wehplay, Liberia.

Maximizing Liberia’s Entrepreneurial Hustle

Seeing the private sector develop through the entrepreneurial hustle of individual Liberians – not the Liberian government or government aid agencies – is not only excepti... More
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Women at the Nexus of Conflict and Development

Guest blogger Linda Raftree recalls the ways women are left out of peace negotiations and harmed in post-conflict resolution.... More
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Eau d’Empowerment – the scent of opportunity: a conversation with Barb Stegemann

Intern Clare chats with Barb Stegemann, founder and CEO of The 7 Virtues, a perfume company that sources its essential oils from Afghanistan and Haiti, about trade partnership... More
This is how you take meeting notes.

The Seven Coolest Things About The Young Global Leaders Summit

I’m in Dalian China right now, participating in the “Summer Davos”. I was very fortunate to be able to spend the first few days with the Young Global Leader community. A... More
Yay! Kids in a school!

School’s Full – Time to Learn

For World Literacy Day, Intern Clare says that building schools is not the way to improving education - access is only the beginning to improving the quality of education arou... More

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