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ACDI-VOCA farmer David Kpen in Wehplay, Liberia.

ACDI-VOCA farmer David Kpen, 51-yo, Wehplay, Liberia, photographed on Monday, October 25, 2010

26 children, 13 living at home, head of the farmers association. Before ACDI-VOCA all Liberian cocoa was considered low quality. 276 farmers in David’s association called Zocwado.

Farming as a Business training
– keep records and compare to previous year. tally sales, expenses, total revenue.
– “Keeping records makes me make effort, so I know if I’m progressing or going backward.”

2009 total revenue: $297.57
2010 revenue so far: about $280.00

David teaches math and science at the school.

– No govt subsidies
– Banks don’t lend us money
– Transportation – even if we can’t receive funding from anyone, we’d like ways to transport our cocoa tot he warehouse for bulking.

David bought a motorcycle with the cocoa profits from last year. Now he can transport his cocoa himself.

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