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We Hate our Name, Discuss

The title says it all... More

The Adventures of the Little Peacekeeper: An Interview

We caught up with the Little Peacekeeper to find out more about his adventures and what inspires him to work all over the world for peace.... More

Are You a Development Dreamer or Doubter?

Today is International Skeptics Day. That's right, a day for all you bah-humbugers. The world of development that we wake up to everyday sees all kinds. Take this quiz to let ... More
Egyptians Protesting the Mubarak Regime in February

Building Peace through Entrepreneurship in Israel and Palestine

Could economic ties between Israel and Palestine create the political capital necessary to establish a sustainable peace between the two sides? Small but inspired groups of Is... More
The Indonesian Army's "nation building" in action - 90% of buildings burned down

The Diaspora Mirage

That was one of many low points of my time working for him, but what made this one particularly galling is he ended up being right. The Timorese diaspora did not return except... More

Beneficiaries, Idealism and Admitting Failure

If the goal of development aid is to eliminate the need for aid, then publicly admitting failure is a necessity.... More
Kenyan men outside a barber shop. Photo: SUM Consult

Getting to work in Kenya: The realities of youth employment

Kenya's growing ICT sector has been one of the region’s most phenomenal development stories in recent years. The country has become a pioneer in mobile technology through th... More
It's not just about homeruns anymore.

What We Can Learn From A Cambridge Economist

Tom Murphy talks baseball and randomized control trials, and what the two have in common for redefining the way we measure success.... More
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It’s all relative

Your life is pretty good. Skip and whistle all day. ... More
Photo: TMS Ruge

African Youth, Technology and the Diaspora: An Interview with TMS Ruge

From climate change to the MDGs, how African youth, technology and the Diaspora are coming together to shape the future of Africa. In this interview, Teddy Ruge explains. ... More
Liberians voting 2

Liberia’s Elections: The Entrepreneur’s View

Trying to measure the success of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's first term is complicated. Putting faith in entrepreneurs to creatively grow Liberia's agricultural sector is not. ... More

Double Your ROI – Invest in a Woman!

Today, we are happy to celebrate The Girl Effect. Over the past decade, recognition that women are one of the world's greatest "untapped" resources has gained broad credibili... More

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