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Are You a Development Dreamer or Doubter?

Today is International Skeptics Day. That’s right, a day for all you bah-humbugers. That means you Bill Easterly. (We pick on because we love.)

We’re not sure why it’s International Skeptics Day. But, hey, with all this talk about unemployment, financial collapse, Eurosclerosis, the Mets, and the newest Muppet, skeptics deserve their own day. Since it is a day for the downers, it is only appropriate to know if you deserve to join the downtrodden (It’s an exclusive bunch). How humbug are you? Find yourself tapping your foot to Oscar the Grouch’s ditty?

YouTube Preview Image

Or is your glass half full, but only if you can work harder and give more? The world of development that we wake up to everyday sees all kinds. Take this quiz to let us know where on the spectrum you fall. Are you a dreamer or doubter? Or Bill Easterly without the beard? (Don’t worry Bill, we love your beard).

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