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It’s all relative

I’ve been reading George Martin‘s Song of Ice and Fire series recently. After mocking my friends for being geeks, I picked up a copy at the Frankfurt International Airport (Worst. Airport. Ever.) and five books and 2000 pages later, am totally hooked.

The series can be hard going, though. It’s set in a fantasy world that’s largely based on medieval Europe. As such, there’s a lot of beheading, flaying, and general inhumanity.  More than once I’ve closed a chapter and said a little prayer of thanks that I wasn’t alive a thousand years ago.

But then I read stories like this one from Al Jazeera and I realize for some it is still 1123. In Pakistan, bonded slaves are reduced to selling their organs on the black market in order to buy their freedom. And, if you think it’s just another Pakistan-specific horror story, here’s a story about the something similar in Bangladesh.

Think about that for second. While everyone whines about their Klout score dropping, and the too-early sight of Christmas decorations, there are people who have to sell their organs so their children will not grow up slaves. There are children who are selling their organs so they don’t have to be slaves.

So two things.

One. Your life is pretty good. Skip and whistle all day.

Two. You can improve the life of those who can’t skip and whistle. Start here:



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