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Aid is About Action

Aid is an effort – to alleviate poverty, fight hunger, cure disease… you get the picture. You may think that’s good or bad. We may never agree on an answer. Here at PDT we’re not looking to be right or wrong. We’re just looking – for the best possible way to get to a better place. That’s why the organization was founded seven years ago. We want to improve aid and development efforts and see communities move forward.

In the moving that we’ve done over the past several years, we’ve found that there is no single path to getting there: development work is hard and complicated. The one thing we have found is that you’ve got to be flexible, willing to respond and adapt to change. That’s what we’re doing.

Several months ago we rolled out a blog plan that has given you snapshots of Afghanistan, Haiti, Timor-Leste and now Liberia. We’ve invited guest bloggers and experts to talk to us about aid effectiveness. We’ve waxed on about the need to get better. Now we need to focus on it. For the next couple of months PDT is rolling up its sleeves and getting itself dirty in the world of building markets. Following the publication of our Afghanistan Jobs Creation Report where we note that over 100,000 jobs were created, we’ve decided to push ourselves harder. 100,000 jobs is a nice number. That’s livelihoods for 100,000 people and their families. But more needs to be done. That’s why we’re going to change up our blog a bit.

For the next few weeks you’ll hear a bit less from guests and a bit more from our teams in the field who are working on building markets in Afghanistan, Haiti, Liberia and possibly South Sudan. Our fearless leader Scott Gilmore, and the rest of PDT, is cooking up some innovative ideas that we’ll share with you as they start to take shape. Scott will also be contributing more of his thoughts as we do this – not because he’s got more time on his hands, but because he’s fired up.

We still want to be a part of the aid and development conversation, and we’ll work hard to contribute, but for now our minds are focused elsewhere. Development simply can’t move at the pace it currently does. And we can’t sit around just theorizing about it. PDT is about action.


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  1. Tom says:

    Great idea! I look forward to hearing more from your staff.

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