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Rwanda (Development Board) is Serious

Well what can I say?  I have been in Rwanda for all of 2 days.  Its a remarkable place, or at least Kigali is, as I have been unable yet to venture past the centre yet. Let me tell you a short story…

Lots of post conflict, fragile, developing states – its all jargon and means little in the end – are not as organised as they might like to be.  Well from first impressions Rwanda is.

The Rwanda Development Board is a real breath of fresh air.

Rwanda Development Board (

It communicates with the world (ie people like me, via email, SMS, Twitter) and it is open to hearing all takers. I was able to meet people easily, the people I met were smart, inquisitive and demanding in a way. I liked it.  Did you know you can register a business in Rwanda in what might be considered “lightening speed”?

How many countries can do this. 1 day business registration. Not many... but Rwanda and the RDB can.

Rwanda has some serious problems… like its population is still primarily an agricultural subsistence based economy, and the population is scheduled to double from 11 million to 22 million in the next couple of decades. Yet with all the problems there are opportunities. I have to say though that my visit to the RDB yesterday gave me much reason to think it will work out well in the end.

I might add that banks, traders, politicos, UN people, and fixers all said go to the RDB, they are cool and smart.

Rwanda is a serious place.

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