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Building Haiti First

The best news to come out of PDT’s recent survey of Haiti’s construction sector is that international organizations are starting to put “Haiti First.” That means they ... More
"We further show that corrupt officials use complex pricing schemes, including third-degree price discrimination and a menu of two-part tariffs”...chump!

The View From the Ivory Tower: Corruption

Just how bad is corruption for development? It all comes down to greasers vs. sanders... ... More

Meet Mariana Keller, PDT’s Journalism Fellow

We've chosen Mariana Keller as the fellow for PDT's Best Fellowship Ever. She's gearing up for her trip to Kabul and Port-au-Prince where she'll be telling the stories of the ... More

As the Aid Players Shift

Why the rhetoric of "rich North vs. poor South" must be left behind in development thinking.... More
Screen shot 2012-01-17 at 1.48.03 PM

Holy Cow! Aid industry gets hit by 8.5 richter scale quake.

Well I just about fell off my chair when hit by an email 20 minutes ago. How can an email shove me off a chair? It told me that the biggest aid actor in the world was about ... More

A City of Inspiring People

What struck Mariana Keller the most about Kabul were the people.... More

Kabul Arrival

Afghanistan is a tough and brutal place but is filled with inspiring and determined people. We hope the fellow can capture some of that on video.... More

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