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The Worst Job in Ottawa

We’re hiring!

I need a new EA. Again. You remember that great 80s sitcom Murphy Brown? She and I share two things in common. A magnificent mane of luxuriously feathered hair, and the constant need to find a new assistant.

Let’s be frank. It’s a hard job. You need to stare at me across a desk all day. I have Al Jazeera blaring on the office TV, and I often throw nerf balls when asking staff questions. I’ll wake you up at 2 am on a Sunday to ask you why I am in Capetown and where my next meeting is. You work late completing expense claims that are largely composed of beer coasters and ticket stubs. And not only will I forget your birthday, but I’ll then send you out to buy a “Sorry I forgot your birthday” card.

It’s not all bad. After an intense period of shock and dislike, most staff enter an extended phase of mild annoyance. Several of my EAs have gone on to great jobs at Building Markets and are now working in Afghanistan, New York, and Burma. Others, well, they went on to other things too, I’m sure. But we don’t talk much.

So, to sum up. It’s the Worst Job in Ottawa. But don’t let the title dissuade you. Apply today. Apply here.

UPDATE: Due to the surprisingly large number of willing masochists in the Ottawa area, our account with the site hosting the application has exceeded its limit. We are upgrading, and it should be good to go by 10:45 EST.

UPDATER: We upgraded our account to accept unlimited applications. Sorry for the hiccup, we didn’t expect this size of response. Thanks for applying!

UPDATEST: This job has now been covered by OpenFile-Ottawa and the Ottawa Citizen.


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