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Thanksgiving at Building Markets

To mark Thanksgiving, I asked the Building Markets staff around the world to share with me some of the things they are most thankful for. This is what they said:

Kavya in Kabul: I am thankful to be surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues that inspire me to work harder, challenge me to break out of my comfort zone, and surround me with unconditional love and positivity.

Rianna in New York: I am so grateful today for my wonderful family and friends. I am grateful to have the good fortune of being in a warm house today eating great food. I am also grateful to work at a place where people are so supportive, caring, hard working, and creative.

Nay Lin in Yangon: I am very thankful to my country project manager, Emma Maillard giving me a chance to use my skills to contribute to Myanmar people.

Stan in Maputo is thankful for: “my parents, who are Pastors, bringing hope to the hopeless in the mission fields of Africa.”

Shedrick in Monrovia: “I am mostly grateful to God for a happy family”

Jacob in Burma: ” This year, I’m thankful for my colleagues in Yangon who have welcomed me with utmost kindness and I’m thankful for the opportunities I have which my parents and grandparents did not.”

Clare in Ottawa: “I’m thankful for the advent of winter (I love winter. LOVE it). I’m thankful for my health, & for all of my wonderful, charming, generous friends.”

Andrea in NYC: “The joy that envelopes me when I look into my children’s faces and see their happiness”

Gladys in Monrovia: “I am thankful to God almighty for his breathe of life that i am still among the living”

Jacob in Burma: “I’m ever grateful for my brothers, their spouses and children and the promising future ahead.”

Thelma in Monrovia: “Thankful for the peace we are enjoying today. I’m also proud to part of the ‪Building Markets family.”

Andrea in NYC: “I’m most thankful for the peace I wake up with each day”

Javier in Monrovia: “I am very grateful to have a job whose success is measured in how many others you help.”

Stan in Mozambique: “Thankful to those that inspire me to dream big, to live a purposeful life & to make a difference”

Laraamond in Yangon: “I am thankful for – commitment, trust, hard work, passion, and cheeses’ cheese”

Kula: “I am especially thankful for health and thankful for “Tim the Training Cat” here at ‪Building Markets Liberia.”

Brian in NYC: “I’m thankful for working with such creative and driven people all over the globe, for family, who are much better chefs than me, and that sunshine has finally returned to parts of the US E Coast.”

George in Monrovia: “Seeing myself contribute to the peace, growth and development of my beloved country Liberia.”

Morgan in Liberia : “I’m grateful to be a teeny tiny part of the ‪Building Markets team helping to make Liberia better”


Obviously, for my part, I’m thankful that I can work with such remarkable people.


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