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Local farmers delivering produce to the central purchasing center, developed with ALBI support

One mining company’s approach to local procurement

In recent years, mining companies have been increasing their focus on local procurement to provide more benefits to communities while reducing supplier costs associated with t... More
Increasing Voter Participation- Photos with Captions_ 06 March 2014 -3

Building Markets hosts an interactive panel discussion on Increasing Voter Participation for the (2014) Elections

On 06 March 2014, Building Markets hosted an interactive discussion on increasing voter participation in the 2014 elections. This discussion focused on the importance of suppo... More

Think Local: Making Mining Work in Liberia

In Liberia mining concessionaires represent opportunity. Yet they can also symbolize a missed opportunity when goods and services are purchased outside of the country. Buildin... More
Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 3.35.18 PM

Local Procurement: An effective way for mining companies to contribute to economic and social development

One of the most effective means that mining companies can utilize to spread the economic benefits of mining activity is to increase the amount of local goods and services they... More

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