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Cash for Oil: Are Cash Transfers a cure for the Resource Curse

In Oil for Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse through Cash Transfers, Todd Moss of the Center for Global Development suggests cash transfers as a tool to curb many of the dele... More

The Militarization of Aid and the QDDR

The militarization of aid is increasingly a controversial issue. The recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Pakistan bring opposing perspectives into sharp focus. Huma... More
Tin Mine Worker, Democratic Republic of Congo

Cursed Resources

This past week I tweeted about Charles Kenny’s recent online article in Foreign Policy, What Resource Curse? While the title is perfectly benign and caused me no great alarm... More

Change On The Horizon For USAID?

The argument within the United States over the militarization of aid could potentially witness a dramatic shift in the coming weeks. The discussion has been refocused, from th... More
U.S. Foreign Assistance, in Economic Development, to Haiti

Progress Reports and Discussion Points on Haiti

Last night I met with a good friend who is in New York on a short vacation from work in Haiti. The conversation covered many topics, but on a base level I wanted to simply kno... More
From "Water Rights and Wrongs", UNHDR (2006).

Right message, right solution? The African Development Bank and Africa’s water crisis

The AfDB has accurately identified a serious crisis. What I am advocating for is a solution that does not repeat past mistakes while sufficiently addressing the problems at ha... More
Access-A-Ride Bus, still snowbound three days after the storm, blocking a road one block from my apartment in Brooklyn.

Blizzardgate: Lessons buried in the Snow

The recent snow storms in New York City, and what they can reveal about economic inequality, social contract theory and democratic consolidation.... More

Tis the Season… For Conflict Minerals

I wanted to write a short follow-up to my last blog about the “resource curse.” In it, I discuss Charles Kenny’s recent article in which he challenges the idea of the re... More

Foreign Aid for Scoundrels: Perhaps, but is it that easy?

In the last edition of The New York Review of Books (November 25, 2010), William (Bill) Easterly strikes again with another compelling article, further probing and critiquing ... More

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