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Aid is About Action

Some big things are on the horizon for PDT. ... More

PDT, gone fishin'....

Going to the beach - the blog will pick back up after Labour Day!... More

Hurray for Hollywood, as we development & aid workers say

It's a Thursday in July, let's go to the movies! Sorry, this isn't a post about George Clooney, Bono, Angelina Jolie or Matt Damon. It's about movies, and the ones that have, ... More

Share, listen & engage: A Peace Dividend Trust Blog

Starting today, Peace Dividend Trust is rolling out a new blogging platform where we share, listen and engage through voices from the field, guest bloggers and op-eds. We hope... More

Thinking about Afghanistan..and Congo too..

The murder of several UN workers on Friday in Afghanistan sent shivers through Peace Dividend Trust's office. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families and friends of ... More

Aid & development: A few good posts

Notwithstanding Arab uprisings and Qaddafi rants, there has been a lot of good stuff on aid and development this week. Some of the must reads from this week. The best by far i... More

Challenging Down with the People

Last week PDT bossman Scott Gilmore went on a rant about volunteering. This week Habitat for Humanity Ireland's Executive Director Karen Kennedy sent us this response.... More

Are You a Development Dreamer or Doubter?

Today is International Skeptics Day. That's right, a day for all you bah-humbugers. The world of development that we wake up to everyday sees all kinds. Take this quiz to let ... More
PDT group

Summer 2011: Thank you Emily, Aaron & Ashley

Peace Dividend Trust's New York City office bid its interns farewell last night. It was bittersweet on in the fierce competition to see “Who’s Got Talent.”... More
Image courtesy of Duncan Green's post

Aid vs. Development

How can we consolidate aid and development not only into a single discussion but also into an approach that helps developing nations grow beyond the challenges of hunger, pove... More

On World Press Freedom Day: What about journalists in the developing world? (okay the day after, but hey I was busy)

“We have a natural right to make use of our pens,” French philosopher Voltaire noted, “at our peril, risk and hazard.” For those of us on the West, that goes without q... More

Considering Liberia's Marketplace

The UN Security Council takes up the “matter” of Liberia again today. It’s been a while. The last time the Turtle Bay diplomats considered the West African nation still ... More

Humanitarian Aid, the chicken or the egg?

Found this article about Wipro CEO Azim H. Premji in today's NYT interesting. I had incidentally heard Premji speak earlier this week about his efforts to raise India's educa... More

Jobs, the Future and Afghanistan

Jobs. Doesn't matter whether you have one or not, it’s on everyone’s mind. President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress about the subject two weeks ago. Former Pr... More
Boehner on Debt Ceiling

Dear Washington: The Debt Ceiling & Development

Elmira Bayrasli on the debt ceiling deal. "Funding cuts do not diminish the intention and will to make a positive difference. For all our faults, the aid and development world... More

The world will not be saved through spreadsheets

“Harvard MBAs,” a piece on Fortune magazine’s website read, are “putting goals of corporate domination aside,” and opting for careers in the non-profit and social ch... More

Liberia's riches: its marketplace

Stock Market Wire reported on Tuesday that Aureus Mining, a publicly traded company on the London and Canadian exchanges, conveyed “encouraging” results from “reconnaiss... More

What's wrong with aid?

Why is aid broken? This animated video that we at Peace Dividend Trust created offers one explanation. Better yet, it offers a solution to make aid and peacekeeping more ef... More

Help! They're cutting foreign aid...

It's budget season again in Washington. And again it reminds me of a Looney Tunes skit: Congress as Bugs, outwitting and outmaneuvering the aid world that is Daffy.... More

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