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What Can the Mining Sector Do for Liberia?

A new report by Building Markets, called “Leaving a Trace: The Potential Economic Impacts of Mining in Liberia,” is the nation’s first in-depth mining sector overview re... More
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Watch our Work in Action

Watch Building Markets' work in action with this video.... More
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Local Businesses: Apply Now to the 2014 MSME Conference!

... More

Help Liberian Businesses via Crowdrise!

... More

BESCO Becomes UNICEF's Best

... More
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Upwardly Mobile. Building Markets Releases 2nd Market Overview Report

... More

Taking to the Airwaves with a Radio Drama Series

... More

SMI-L Boosts a Carpentry Business

... More

Liberia's First MSME Conference and Trade Fair Promotes Strong Local Businesses

... More

Changing Liberian Attitudes Toward the Disabled

... More
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Building Trust Between Buyers and Suppliers

... More

Why Global Giving now? Or: Why not to put all your eggs in one basket

Why Global Giving can make us a better organization.... More

A Case for Buying Local in Badakhshan

With $5 billion worth of construction projects throughout Afghanistan, the US Army Corps of Engineers is uniquely poised to direct millions of dollars into the hands of Afghan... More

A News Service for Aid Workers: Mark Goldberg, Tom Murphy & the DAWNS Digest

Limited bandwidth, fees per mega-bite and a fire-hose of information. It's difficult for aid workers to access humanitarian news all in one place. That's where Mark Goldberg, ... More

PDT Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

PDT is excited to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week this year! Here's why.... More
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African Youth, Technology and the Diaspora: An Interview with TMS Ruge

From climate change to the MDGs, how African youth, technology and the Diaspora are coming together to shape the future of Africa. In this interview, Teddy Ruge explains. ... More
An alternate story: how can we maintain these schools once they're built? How do we ensure quality teacher performance?

Raising the Level

Morgan Ashenfelter on why stories sell and the need to improve the way fundraising tactics work.... More
Financial Obstacles for World's Poor

M-Banking Needs to E-merge

Mobile banking is no antidote to poverty. Having the ability to save money doesn’t help if you don’t have any money. But increasing access to the tools that help and encou... More

Leveraging Liberia's Expats

We recently discovered the Liberia Expat Google group, and we couldn't be happier. It's the perfect example of what PDT does but on a smaller scale. Think Yellow Pages meets M... More

Can Microfinance Reduce Poverty?

Microfinance seems to be the latest buzz word in the international development world, thanks to several high-profile micro-lending organizations and the recent string of preda... More
P.S. Moneyman King at the 2013 MSME Conference & Trade Fair.

Building Markets' Services Work, Just Ask Covenant Ventures

... More

Think Local: Making Mining Work in Liberia

In Liberia mining concessionaires represent opportunity. Yet they can also symbolize a missed opportunity when goods and services are purchased outside of the country. Buildin... More

Happy Holidays from Building Markets in Liberia

... More

Breaking Down Barriers Together

... More

Fire Can't Extinguish This Company

... More

Going, Going, Gone Green

... More

Where is the Market?

... More
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SMI-L's 2nd Newsletter Showcases Creative Ways of Engaging Buyers & Suppliers

Our May newsletter is out!... More
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Building Markets' Disability Event Receives Local Media's Attention

... More

Call for Applications: Be a Market Changer

Apply now to be a part of Liberia’s first MSME Conference and Trade Fair and showcase your business to top buyers!... More
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New Year, New Board Chair

A nonprofit organization is only as good as its board. We're thrilled to welcome Eric Nonacs as our new Chair.... More

Ashoka Announces New Social Entrepreneur Fellows

... More

Kabul Arrival

Afghanistan is a tough and brutal place but is filled with inspiring and determined people. We hope the fellow can capture some of that on video.... More

Enabling Entrepreneurs Through Crowdfunding: Kiva's Matt Flannery Talks Microloans

CEO of Kiva, Matt Flannery, talks about the exciting new initiatives taking place at Kiva and why the possibilities of lending through digital platforms are both inspiring and... More
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PDT Heads to South Sudan

The UN Mission to South Sudan added local procurement to its mandate, and we're excited! PDT is on the ground in Juba, talking with stakeholders about establishing a Peace Div... More
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Liberia's Elections: The Entrepreneur's View

Trying to measure the success of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's first term is complicated. Putting faith in entrepreneurs to creatively grow Liberia's agricultural sector is not. ... More
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How to Wean Liberia Off Aid: A Conversation with Todd Moss

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's goal of weaning Liberia off of international aid in ten years seems like a daunting task. So we sat down with to see how realistic her goal is.... More

Côte d'Ivoire's Cocoa Ban Backfires

Crippling businesses and crushing livelihoods of Côte d'Ivoire's poorest. Why was a cocoa embargo a good idea?... More

Girl Power! Success Stories from PDT

Today is International Women’s Day. At Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) we’re celebrating by showcasing the female entrepreneurs that we work with everyday.... More

Building Markets’ Name Gains Trust for Business

... More

Taking to the Airwaves Part II

... More

Persevering Through the Unknown

... More

Building Markets Goes Pro

... More

Building Markets Celebrates Two Years in Liberia!

... More
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Buy Local, Keep Liberia Green

... More
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June Newsletter Features our Work with USAID FED

... More
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A Jack-of-all-Trades Meets SMI-L

... More
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SMI-L's First Newsletter

... More
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Ganta Wants You to Buy Local

... More
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The New York Office Gets Flashy

Why the New York office of Building Markets has a disco party every time a Liberian searches for a business opportunity on our business portal.... More

Moving Beyond Handouts in Haiti

Why one Haitian businessman calls us the most important NGO in Haiti.... More

Meet Mariana Keller, PDT's Journalism Fellow

We've chosen Mariana Keller as the fellow for PDT's Best Fellowship Ever. She's gearing up for her trip to Kabul and Port-au-Prince where she'll be telling the stories of the ... More
Afghan boys with mobile phone in Helmand

Afghanistan: The Land of Dreams and Industry

With the draw down of troops and global reductions in foreign aid, Afghanistan faces challenging years ahead. But you've heard that refrain before. For GEW, we're looking at s... More

Beneficiaries, Idealism and Admitting Failure

If the goal of development aid is to eliminate the need for aid, then publicly admitting failure is a necessity.... More
ACDI-VOCA farmer David Kpen in Wehplay, Liberia.

Maximizing Liberia's Entrepreneurial Hustle

Seeing the private sector develop through the entrepreneurial hustle of individual Liberians – not the Liberian government or government aid agencies – is not only excepti... More

Going Dutch in Afghanistan

Why the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's estimate that 97% of Afghanistan's GDP is reliant upon military and donor aid is misleading, to say the least.... More

For Mother's Day, Don't Forget The Lug Nut

Is selling Haitian artisans' work at Macy's smart aid?... More

World Vision: What are you seeing?

PDT is throwing its hat into the ring on the World Vision NFL T-Shirt debate. @good_intents (via @saundra_s) has an aggregated listing, thanks Saundra!... More

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