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Increasing Voter Participation- Photos with Captions_ 06 March 2014 -3

Building Markets hosts an interactive panel discussion on Increasing Voter Participation for the (2014) Elections

On 06 March 2014, Building Markets hosted an interactive discussion on increasing voter participation in the 2014 elections. This discussion focused on the importance of suppo... More
anti-fraud panel3

Building Markets Launches Afghan Civil Society Conference on Anti-Fraud Measures for the (2014) Elections

Building Markets recently held a workshop to discuss Election Fraud in advance of the 2014 Afghanistan elections.... More

Women’s progress in Afghanistan must be irreversible

All around the world, women’s economic empowerment is at the forefront of development debates. Recently, fears have crystallized about a reversal of the opportunities Afg... More
Kim Jong-Il in happier days.

Buy Local. Build North Korea.

Captain Kirk once said "Space, the final frontier". I disagree. Its actually right here, on Earth. Its all about those marketplaces which are found beyond the frontier.... More

PDT Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

PDT is excited to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week this year! Here's why.... More
rose blossom5

Eau d’Empowerment – the scent of opportunity: a conversation with Barb Stegemann

Intern Clare chats with Barb Stegemann, founder and CEO of The 7 Virtues, a perfume company that sources its essential oils from Afghanistan and Haiti, about trade partnership... More
Buy Local Build Afghanistan

US government success touted as failure in Afghanistan

Some amazing good news was wrapped up in what appeared to be some shocking bad news today. Politico, AP, ABC, and others are reporting that a jaw dropping $360m of US govt mon... More
Ariana Radio and Television Network conducting an interview

War, Chaos & CSR in Afghanistan

Many Afghan firms are redesigning what corporate social responsibility (CSR) means in a conflict situation.... More

Going Dutch in Afghanistan

Why the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's estimate that 97% of Afghanistan's GDP is reliant upon military and donor aid is misleading, to say the least.... More

Thinking about Afghanistan..and Congo too..

The murder of several UN workers on Friday in Afghanistan sent shivers through Peace Dividend Trust's office. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families and friends of ... More

Walking on Sunshine

This is an odd blog posting. We often get knocked back by dinosaur donors, our own lack of capacity, and the fact that we lean forward hard. However, its all great fun. Thi... More
Screen shot 2010-10-18 at 12.29.56 PM

Polman, Collier, and the Rational Actor Model

Aidwatch has another interesting post up, featuring David Zetland and his review of the review of Linda Polman's new book "Crisis Caravan". I made a snide remark about it on ... More
Note the unmistakeable lack of a bottle

When donor cuts are a good thing

I think it’s great that CIDA has untied aid. This is one step closer to creating an aid industry where the best ideas get funded, not the coziest partners. And I think it... More
Poster 112

We told you buying local would work

About ten years ago, a group of aid workers and UN staff sat around a legendary bar called the Dili Club (it’s gone now, alas) and complained. Our gripes were many, but one... More
Chairman Mao: Aid visionary

Chairman Mao knew how to improve aid

I’ve been recalling the period before I quit my job as a diplomat to launch Peace Dividend Trust. I was a rash thing to do. So, before I leapt, I cautiously tested the wat... More

Effective Observation for the 2014 Elections

On 13 February 2014, Building Markets hosted an interactive discussion on effective observation for the 2014 elections. ... More

Afghan Voices: Afghan Women’s Economic Participation

Last week at the AUAF, Building Markets launched Afghan Women’s Economic Participation Report. At the event, the message was clear: ensuring that Afghan women are supported ... More

Kabul Arrival

Afghanistan is a tough and brutal place but is filled with inspiring and determined people. We hope the fellow can capture some of that on video.... More
Afghan boys with mobile phone in Helmand

Afghanistan: The Land of Dreams and Industry

With the draw down of troops and global reductions in foreign aid, Afghanistan faces challenging years ahead. But you've heard that refrain before. For GEW, we're looking at s... More

Aid is About Action

Some big things are on the horizon for PDT. ... More

Jobs, the Future and Afghanistan

Jobs. Doesn't matter whether you have one or not, it’s on everyone’s mind. President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress about the subject two weeks ago. Former Pr... More
Afghans installing a solar panel

Switching on Solar in Afghanistan

In a sun-drenched, fuel-starved nation such as Afghanistan, solar energy is providing an effective and inexpensive source of power.... More
Remnants of an Army

The Light of a Secure Peace

Western resources to support Afghanistan in fulfilling its potential is limited. Fortunately, Afghan potential is not. Phil Colgan on what the future holds for "the graveyard ... More
David and Goliath

From “Independence”, to “Aid” Activism.

This story travels from Dili to Monrovia - with stops in Juba, Port-au-Prince, Kinshasa, Freetown and other tough places along the way. When occupied, the Timorese were indepe... More
Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 9.51.35 AM

Tax Dodging, Aid, and Afghanistan

The UN and donors grants ridiculous carte blanche tax breaks to its contractors and sub-contractors. In the case of the UN, the 1946 Convention which allegedly allows this, do... More

Building Stuff in Afghanistan: the view from the ivory tower

Why does development theory matter? What can it tell us about building stuff in Afghanistan? Find out inside! ... More
Rory in Kabul

Liberalism, Rory Stewart, and Overreaching Aid

As with the aid industry's insistence on inverting Maslow's pyramid of needs, we have sought to overextend ourselves in thinking that good governance projects can cure everyt... More
So true.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true

There is a great little internet meme doing the rounds today. It's called "I Write Like" and the premise is simple. Cut and paste a sample of your writing, press ANALYZE, an... More
An Afghan ATM

Wall Street Journal gets it wrong (UPDATED)

There is an alarming Wall Street Journal article doing the rounds right now, and I don’t think the numbers add up. It states that $3.6 billion siphoned off of aid projects ... More
Don't Touch the Red Stapler

Not Wanted: Mercenaries, Missionaries, and Madmen

It’s hard to compete with Wall Street and even Main Street, when the most you can offer is a slightly higher salary, longer hours, some good med-evac insurance, and all the ... More
articipants of the Afghan Civil Society Discussion on Independence, Impartiality and Professionalism of the Electoral Commissions  Photo by: Building Markets

Building Markets hosts a Discussion on Independence, Impartiality and Professionalism of the Electoral Commissions

Building Markets hosted a Discussion on Independence, Impartiality, and Professionalism of the Electoral Commissions for Afghan Civil Society.... More

Building Markets launches 2013 Afghan Women’s Economic Participation Report

In 2013, Building Markets conducted a nationwide survey to highlight the economic participation of Afghan women. As a result of this survey, Building Markets has created a rep... More

Meet Mariana Keller, PDT’s Journalism Fellow

We've chosen Mariana Keller as the fellow for PDT's Best Fellowship Ever. She's gearing up for her trip to Kabul and Port-au-Prince where she'll be telling the stories of the ... More
Afghan Fast Runners acquire and practice business skills during a Bpeace Apprentice Road Trip in Dubai

“Fast Running” Entrepreneurs: Bpeace CEO Toni Maloney on the Link Between Job Creation and Peace

In the spirit of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we interview the CEO of Business Council for Peace Toni Maloney. She tells us why entrepreneurs are critical to restoring peace ... More

An Open Letter to Haiti’s President Martelly

In Haiti’s and elsewhere, again and again, the international community responds to war, tsunami, and earthquake the same way. Billions are pledged. Less is disbursed. And al... More

Job Creation in Afghanistan: Over 100,000 and counting..

After four months of collecting data, two months of analysis and a month of reviewing, perfecting, crossing things out and putting them back in again, Peace Dividend Trust tod... More
Kabul smog

Holding Our Breath for Cleaner Air

The Taliban may receive greater notoriety, but air pollution is Kabul’s biggest threat and killer.... More
PDT photo. Afghan women at a Peace Dividend Marketplace event

Women, entrepreneurship & Afghanistan: A chat with Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

A conversation with author Gayle Lemmon about the limits of microfinance, business under the Taliban, tapping into entrepreneurial energy, and some of the challenges and oppor... More

Kabul Snapshots

Business as usual in Afghanistan really is business. Despite the endless images that flash on Western TV screens, Afghans are focused on thriving, not just surviving. But beca... More
Speechless, frankly

Big Day in Seoul (we won)

PDT was named a People’s Choice winner in the G20 SME Finance Challenge. Our winning idea? Factor Finance for Procurement, which will provide line of credits using soverei... More
Ralph Nader - unreasonable man.

On being unreasonable: it gets you to the G20.

Being unreasonable has gotten Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) invited to attend the Group of 20 (G20) Summit in South Korea this month. Try that on for size. There have been many ... More

Hope & Progress on a Tuesday Morning

Norway is challenging aid orthodoxy. Melinda Gates fails to ask an important question. Berkeley is full of smart people. And there are some Afghan female entrepreneurs feeli... More
Donors are a long way from 50%

The Aspirational (and imaginary) 50% Goal in Kabul

The draft communique from the donor meeting in Kabul has leaked. Tucked in among its 5900 words is a reaffirmation of their desire to channel 50% of donor spending through th... More

A Different View of Afghanistan

We asked James to visit our team in Afghanistan to help us tell their story and the story of the Afghan's we're trying to assist. He did that and more. The Afghanistan he sh... More
Hand Relief International

Mystery man who is so funny, you cry

The staff at PDT have a new hero. His name is Dr. Kurtz, and every time he uploads a new blog post or tweets a new tweet, there is a buzz of joy that goes around the office. ... More

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