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Double Your ROI – Invest in a Woman!

Today, we are happy to celebrate The Girl Effect. Over the past decade, recognition that women are one of the world's greatest "untapped" resources has gained broad credibili... More
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Who gives more aid: Liberals or Conservatives?

Kavya-the-intern has dug up some interesting data on ODA spending patterns for conservative and liberal governments in Canada and the US since the 1960s. It is not what you w... More
Space Program? No aid for you!

Today we’re fond of Andrew Mitchell

Here’s to you Andrew Mitchell. Ask questions. Demand answers. And when they don’t come, send your money elsewhere. Because what the developing world needs is not just ... More

Till Bruckner is (partially) right, but so am I

Till Bruckner came back to me with a very thoughtful response at AidWatchers. In reading it, I found myself agreeing with much he said. This is because I am not suggesting h... More
Donors are a long way from 50%

The Aspirational (and imaginary) 50% Goal in Kabul

The draft communique from the donor meeting in Kabul has leaked. Tucked in among its 5900 words is a reaffirmation of their desire to channel 50% of donor spending through th... More

Are Poor Countries Better at Football?

If the conventional wisdom is correct, poor uneducated people are better at football, then the nations with the lowest GDP and literacy rates would have the best odds for winn... More
Hmmm, not so generous.


Earlier this week I stumbled across some data sets which seemed to tell me that in Canada and the US, conservative governments spend more on aid. In part, I was right. In an... More
Sierra Leone

Diamonds Don’t Run an Economy Forever

Having been based with PDT on the Afghanistan marketplace project for over a year, and a fully fledged supporter of the results based work PDT does, I was keen to head to Free... More

Donald Rumsfeld, Naked Joe, and Aid Data

In the bustling world of epistemology, however, Donald’s ramblings were not dementia, but a good summary of an important element of decision theory (which can be applied dir... More

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