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Local First front cover

Local Ownership and Leadership Matters in Development

Most development projects “work with locals” but are they locally led? The way development organizations work has a big impact, both on the local organisations and on the ... More
More White Bull and Less Black Gold?

In beer there is freedom.

Apparently, Benjamin Franklin once said, "...beer there is freedom..." On a recent trip to South Sudan I was reading an article in a local newspaper and it made me think of B... More
Presentation to Council of Ministers, Dili Timor-Leste, 20 April 2011.

“Welcome to Rwanda!”

Edward Rees discovers that Rwanda's rhetoric about being open for business is not just rhetoric.... More
Shoes for sale in Accra, Ghana

Spending for Impact, Round 2

A View from the Cave, aka Tom Murphy is back...and he's not finished. Last week he wrote about Spending for Impact. He's got more to say on the subject...... More
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Holy Cow! Aid industry gets hit by 8.5 richter scale quake.

Well I just about fell off my chair when hit by an email 20 minutes ago. How can an email shove me off a chair? It told me that the biggest aid actor in the world was about ... More

An Exciting Time in Liberia. And We’re Not Talking About Politics.

Matthew Jones takes a look at how Liberia's newly launched Peace Dividend Marketplace is giving local entrepreneurs unprecedented opportunities to grow their businesses and sp... More

An Open Letter to Haiti’s President Martelly

In Haiti’s and elsewhere, again and again, the international community responds to war, tsunami, and earthquake the same way. Billions are pledged. Less is disbursed. And al... More

Spending for Impact

Plenty of people drink coffee, wear shoes and use laptops. Why not find ways to turn spending into impact? Guest blogger Tom Murphy takes a look at the real impact of differen... More
Kim Jong-Il in happier days.

Buy Local. Build North Korea.

Captain Kirk once said "Space, the final frontier". I disagree. Its actually right here, on Earth. Its all about those marketplaces which are found beyond the frontier.... More
The flag of the Republic of South Sudan

California to Juba. The Internet – its Powerful.

One 14 November 2011 I was in a hotel bar in Juba, South Sudan. Its a new country you know? With a new flag.... More

The Building Blocks of Transparency

Taylor Steelman learns that aid transparency is essential to measuring (and improving) local procurement in Haiti's construction sector.... More

What’s wrong with aid?

Why is aid broken? This animated video that we at Peace Dividend Trust created offers one explanation. Better yet, it offers a solution to make aid and peacekeeping more ef... More

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