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Speechless, frankly

Big Day in Seoul (we won)

PDT was named a People’s Choice winner in the G20 SME Finance Challenge. Our winning idea? Factor Finance for Procurement, which will provide line of credits using soverei... More
Screen shot 2010-06-24 at 5.29.11 PM

Unexpected Good News

Ban Ki Moon drops a (good) bombshell in Toronto: the world is on target to actually meet one of it's Millennium Development Goals, halving the number of people living in extre... More

Seoul Cabbies and G20 Rumors

I'm in Seoul, at the G20, soaking up the diplomatic ambiance and listening to rumors of an impending announcement by President Obama on SME Finance.... More

Walking on Sunshine

This is an odd blog posting. We often get knocked back by dinosaur donors, our own lack of capacity, and the fact that we lean forward hard. However, its all great fun. Thi... More

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