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Local farmers delivering produce to the central purchasing center, developed with ALBI support

One mining company’s approach to local procurement

In recent years, mining companies have been increasing their focus on local procurement to provide more benefits to communities while reducing supplier costs associated with t... More

Jobs, the Future and Afghanistan

Jobs. Doesn't matter whether you have one or not, it’s on everyone’s mind. President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress about the subject two weeks ago. Former Pr... More
More White Bull and Less Black Gold?

In beer there is freedom.

Apparently, Benjamin Franklin once said, "...beer there is freedom..." On a recent trip to South Sudan I was reading an article in a local newspaper and it made me think of B... More

Revolution in Egypt: both political and economic?

Guest blogger Dave Algoso on Egypt, its reforms and economic progress. ... More
Kenyan men outside a barber shop. Photo: SUM Consult

Getting to work in Kenya: The realities of youth employment

Kenya's growing ICT sector has been one of the region’s most phenomenal development stories in recent years. The country has become a pioneer in mobile technology through th... More

Kabul Snapshots

Business as usual in Afghanistan really is business. Despite the endless images that flash on Western TV screens, Afghans are focused on thriving, not just surviving. But beca... More

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