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More White Bull and Less Black Gold?

In beer there is freedom.

Apparently, Benjamin Franklin once said, "...beer there is freedom..." On a recent trip to South Sudan I was reading an article in a local newspaper and it made me think of B... More
David and Goliath

From “Independence”, to “Aid” Activism.

This story travels from Dili to Monrovia - with stops in Juba, Port-au-Prince, Kinshasa, Freetown and other tough places along the way. When occupied, the Timorese were indepe... More
Juba Airport 3 May 2010

Coordination in the Field v. the “Policy Wonkasphere”

For anyone who has worked in a UN peace operation you will know that who you know is important. It is the currency of the mission, and is how things get done. What you know i... More
The flag of the Republic of South Sudan

California to Juba. The Internet – its Powerful.

One 14 November 2011 I was in a hotel bar in Juba, South Sudan. Its a new country you know? With a new flag.... More

Business: South Sudan

One thing I loved about Juba was the Veterans Security Sign at one of the main round abouts in Juba, South Sudan. Whatever you may think about private security, especially the... More
Good news for South Sudan

The Scramble for South Sudan.

In every challenge there is opportunity. In South Sudan, it will take decades to realize, but the promise there is clear as a bell. In the meantime, let's think of ways that t... More

Sudan: Logali and Hand Relief

A month or so ago I was in Juba, South Sudan. While there I stayed at a remarkable place. The Logali House.... More

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