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Free markets and labour and us.

A new post went up this morning from a guest blogger, Anthony DeMattee on wage levels among NGOs and other local employers. Less than a minute later, I got an email calling it... More

Aid is About Action

Some big things are on the horizon for PDT. ... More
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Holy Cow! Aid industry gets hit by 8.5 richter scale quake.

Well I just about fell off my chair when hit by an email 20 minutes ago. How can an email shove me off a chair? It told me that the biggest aid actor in the world was about ... More
A team of engineers lay fibre optic cables, as part of a government project to provide internet and telephone services, at Seredupi, 450 km (280 miles) north of the capital Nairobi, July 8, 2008. REUTERS/Antony Njuguna (KENYA)

The Emergent Continent Part 3 of 4: Smart Aid

In part 3 of her series, Carol Gallo examines the new approach to development aid, with Africa as a rich resource of ideas, innovation, and human capital. This vision of Afric... More
Source: One International

The Emergent Continent: Part 4 of 4: Re-conceptualizing Aid

This is a guest post by Carol Gallo, who blogs at the UN Dispatch, and is the last of a four-part series. ... More

World Vision: What are you seeing?

PDT is throwing its hat into the ring on the World Vision NFL T-Shirt debate. @good_intents (via @saundra_s) has an aggregated listing, thanks Saundra!... More

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