Afghan Voices: Afghan Women’s Economic Participation

Last week at the AUAF, Building Markets launched Afghan Women’s Economic Participation Report. At the event, the message was clear: ensuring that Afghan women are supported ... More

Yangon Hip Hop

We have a great team in Myanmar. They’re working hard to help local entrepreneurs connect to the outside world. As their country opens up, so are their markets. And Buil... More
Data tells the story of the large scale impact of local spending

Mining for Development: Shift emphasis from CSR budgets to local procurement to have greater impact on poverty reduction

This week, Building Markets and Anchor Chain participated in the Mining for Development conference in Sydney, Australia. Here is what we had to say.... More

Tips for International Job-Hunters

Melissa Mullan has some tips for job-seekers in international development.... More

Building Markets launches 2013 Afghan Women’s Economic Participation Report

In 2013, Building Markets conducted a nationwide survey to highlight the economic participation of Afghan women. As a result of this survey, Building Markets has created a rep... More
I'm thankful for these guys

Thanksgiving at Building Markets

To mark Thanksgiving, I asked the Building Markets staff around the world to share with me some of the things they are most thankful for. This is what they said:... More

Making Liberian banks work for SMEs (and vice versa)

Our Liberia 3FP team is working with Liberian banks to design a pre-financing credit product to help address some of the needs and challenges of both Liberian SMEs and banks.... More
Figure 1

The Need for More Local Procurement in Haiti

A cross-post from CDG about the need for more and better local procurement in Haiti, complete with mentions of Yours Truly and recommendations for how to make that happen!... More

Women’s progress in Afghanistan must be irreversible

All around the world, women’s economic empowerment is at the forefront of development debates. Recently, fears have crystallized about a reversal of the opportunities Afg... More
Scott Gilmore, Ainsley Butler, and Anne Kroijer

Dear World

Building Markets recently attended the 2013 Skoll World Forum in Oxford, UK along with other Skoll Awardees, many of who who are showcased in Robert X. Fogarty’s portrait pr... More

Liberia Progressing Forward

Stephen Lee shares his insights on progress in Liberia.... More

Guest post from the IFC’s Roland Michelitsch: Creating more and better jobs

The IFC's Roland Michelitsch explains the IFC's recent jobs study and why creating more and better jobs is the surest way to help millions of people out of poverty.... More

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